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Fused Art Glass


True Blue is the largest Indigenous Art Glass programme in Australia. More than 45 Indigenous artists create art glass bowls, coolamons, message sticks, awards, wall panels, coasters, etc.


GlassTrue Blue art glass hangs in WA's Parliament House and noteable recipients of True Blue art glass are Queen Elizabeth, Prince William & Katherine, Pope Francis, US President Bill Clinton, US President Barrack Obama and other dignitaries and government officials from across the World.


Annette Kent, art glass instructor, has been teaching Indigenous artists how to create stunning pieces of fused art glass not only in Perth at True Blue but at Roebourne Art Group and Mimili Arts in South Australia.


Indigenous artworks are perfectly suited to fused art glass as the finely crushed particles of coloured glass are applied to a larger clear panel of glass just as they would to create sand art which is an ancient form of telling indigenous stories.


The following pieces are approximately 17cm wide by 30cm high on hand-crafted jarrah bases.

Each piece on jarrah bases is $185.o



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Sunset Gum Tree

GlassSunset Gecko

GlassBoab Tree

GlassDragonfly Dreaming


Fish Dreaming



Staircase to the Moon (1)


GlassStaircase to the Moon (2)
GlassStaircase to the Moon (3)

Boomerang Dreaming


GlassSunset Boab Tree
GlassLove & Friendship

GlassFamily Gathering


GlassSeven Sisters Dreaming
GlassKimberley Boab Tree

Meeting Place


GlassSunset Kangaroo

GlassTravelling between

Meeting Places

glassMeeting Places


GlassTurtle Dreaming
GlassDragonfly Dreaming


Sunset Dragonfly


GlassWaterhole Dreaming





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