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Glass Message Sticks


True Blue Aboriginal artists create fused and slumped art glass bowls, coolamons, message sticks, awards, wall panels, coasters, boomerangs, coasters and jewellery.


message sticksGlass Message Sticks are approximately 21cm x 3.5cm and come in a variety of stories, presented in boxes with clear acetate lids. The story of message sticks and the use of found glass made into spear tips more than 100 years ago is attached to the underside of the box.


Message Sticks are the perfect Corporate Gift and ideally suited for Conference Gifts. Corporate colours can be used in the creation of each stick, along with the story of 'coming to a meeting place' which incorporates travel lines and a meeting place in the centre. ost








message stick

message stick box
Glass Message sticks still in the kiln.


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