Zebra Stone





Ties and Scarves

Australian-made polyester ties and scarves with Aboriginal and Australiana designs.

Royalties are paid to the artists by Austico.

The Ka




Australian-made polyester scarves. Variety of Aboriginal designs available
with royalties paid to the artists.

Retail: $35 each (square)



ties ties

A01 Water A02 Waterholes A03 Meeting


A04 Meeting A05 Waterholes A06 Country


ties ties

A07 Waterholes A08 Country A09 Travel Tra



A010 Family A11 Animals A12 Waterholes



ties ties

A07 Mens Camp A08 Men A09 Tracks



T01 Red Roo T01 Roo Stripe T03 Blue



ties ties

T04 Red Roo T05 Blue Roo T06 Blue Roo



T07 Roo Cube T08 Gold Roo T09 Blue & Gold Roo




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