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Throw a boomerang | The Bull Roarer | Play a didgeridoo


How to throw a boomerang


You must always hold the boomerang so the curved or shaped painted side is towards you - the flat unpainted side should always face away from you.

When holding the boomerang choose a comfortable grip.

Pinch Grip: Make a fist then pinch the boomerang tightly between your thumb and first (index) finger.

Pencil Grip: Support the boomerang with your thumb, first finger and middle finger - much like you would hold a pencil (with your first finger hooked around or on the edge of the boomerang)

Check direction of the wind - face directly into it, then turn approximately 45 degrees to the right (45 degrees to the left for left handed throwers).

Holding the boomerang ready to throw - tilt or angle it off vertical (this angle is called “layover”) and picturing your arm and boomerang as the hour hand on a clock the boomerang will be about 1 o’clock for the right handed thrower and 11 o’clock for the left handed thrower.

Choose a far away object that is a little higher than the horizon in the distance such as a tree, rooftop or hill and use this as your point as boomerangs should be thrown in a slightly upwards direction.

Throw overhand (like throwing a baseball) toward your aiming point, snapping your wrist as you throw to impart the boomerang. The boomerang will tend to pull itself out of your hand as you throw. Be sure the boomerang is released at the 1 o’clock or 11 o’clock plane. (Do not throw horizontally sidearm).

WARNING: Use only in open spaces clear of other people and property.
Do not attempt to catch the boomerang as injury may occur.



The Bull Roarer

Bull Roarers are an ancient Aboriginal musicalinstrument which makes a roaring sound.

Bull Roarers have accompanied the didgeridooduring ceremonies for thousands of years andcontinue to be used today.


Aboriginal people have also used Bull Roarersfor communication in the outback, hence, the nickname‘outback telephone’.


Slip the knotted end of the string over your middlefinger and grip with the other fingers. Twirl thewood until and few twists appear in the string, thencommence to spin or wind the Bull Roarer either sidewaysor above your head to create the roaring sound.




How to care for your Didgeridoo



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